Perception is a power greater than reality. Many corporate change initiatives fail because, despite positive intentions at the center of a program, buy-in at the outer rims—where many influential stakeholders lie—was not achieved.

While you know you are steering the ship towards prosperity, watercooler conversations may give the perception that you’re headed towards instability. If your leadership team does not proactively communicate, delivering consistent messages and responses to questions, your people and the outside marketplace may trust the watercooler more than you. In any market, your best people get calls from recruiters. Well-mananged change management communications ensure your people remain committed to stay, to strive to exceed expecations, and to support your change efforts.

Whether you plan to transform your culture, your processes, or your organizational structure, coordinated, well-planned, and proactively-delivered communications will make the change a success.

Communications for change:

  • Organizational transformations and leadership transitions
  • Outsourcing transitions and business acquisition and workforce integrations
  • Process and technology changes; user adoption/utilization drives
  • Core values, ethics and culture change campaigns