Organizational Development Consulting

The improvements identified through this ‘HR assessment’ are rarely limited to just HR. The issues and resolutions generally have an organization-wide impact. The lens is HR looking at the company’s goals, from a people strategy perspective.

Client engagements begin with an organizational and people function assessment. The outcome of this assessment is a clear understanding of specific factors that are affecting the organization’s performance. We then identify near and long-term actions required to ensure the organization can achieve its strategic initiatives. The assessment is comprehensive, incorporating interviews with the organization’s Leadership Team as well as key employees and influencers. We then work with our clients to prioritize the actions defined through the assessment process.

Commonly we identify many near-term quick win changes that can be implemented in a matter of weeks and that directly affect the bottom line for:
• Talent acquisition
• Compensation and benefits
• Performance management and development
• Optimizing processes to prepare your organization for rapid growth

Employee Experience communications and programs

How do you motivate people to enthusiastically help your organization achieve ambitious goals? How do you tap into the potential that exists in every person? Maximizing engagement and maximizing your human capital investment is critical.

Numerous studies have shown increasing people engagement leads to productivity gains and improvements in people loyalty. This translates to bottom line savings and an organization that is positioned to win. We’ll work with you to customize engagement solutions that drive bottom line results.

If you’re making the right investments your people will be engaged: committed to stay, committed to strive to exceed expectations, and committed to speak well of the company—strengthening your influence with external media, investors and recruits.

Can you hold onto your best people by increasing their compensation above market? Not necessarily. Many individuals choose to stay, or leave, based on lifestyle and recognition factors, not compensation.

Do you know, for certain, what makes your people tick? Are they committed to strive to exceed expectations? Highly engaged employees will hurdle issues and move you closer to your goals. But the carrot you’ve presented may not be engaging them. Through communications you can spotlight your company’s most important attributes to attract, retain and inspire your people.

Understand your people’s priorities through surveys. Establish ongoing feedback channels, online and through human channels.

Target, refine
Review your current programs and determine gaps. Identify programs that are not valued. By offering the right set of programs, employees will enjoy a more rewarding career and you will be able to attract and retain the best employees while remaining financially competitive.

Align recruitment messages with the best of your company’s culture. Focus recruitment messages on the things that matter most to the people that your company needs. Make sure the messages are authentic. When recruits encounter your company culture, will they see evidence of what you’re selling them?

Ensure employees will ‘re-choose’ your company year after year. When recruiters call, your people won’t be interested if you’ve been diligently delivering what’s important to them. Your best people want to succeed at something that improves their skills and that’s worth bragging about. They want a chance to sharpen their pencils and demonstrate their knowledge amidst respected peers.

Do you recognize your people publicly, online and town hall meetings? Do your leaders have a way of knowing who has recently hit a home run, or who made extraordinary efforts to ensure success? Recognition rewards employees who innovate and who won’t give up on solving a customer problem.

Career path: Demonstrate that great performance gets rewarded with career growth and increased responsibility. Gather real stories and make them visible among all people.

Community: Ensure each person has access to a valued community. From diversity networks, to parenting networks, to mentors, to social and sports networks, your people will be committed to stay when they have a community that accepts and supports them.

Remind people that the company invests in causes that they value. Your company is an inspiring corporate citizen. But do all your people know of the local and broad impacts the company makes? Through charity giving, employee volunteer efforts, partnerships, and philanthropic business engagements, your company is making the world a better place. Your people will be more engaged when they learn the great things they are a part of.

Show how an individual’s work contributes to great achievements. The results of that late-night report, a rush task, or a strenuous project mean more when you can see the larger benefit. Show a coder that her code made a fleet of airplanes fly. Show a project team how their late nights resulted in thousands of hospital patients receiving better care. And celebrate how an entire workforce’s volunteer hours benefited a cause.