Comprehensive Human Capital Management Consulting

People management is one of your organization’s greatest investments and greatest risks. Any organization seeking growth must ensure its people management structures are optimized, nimble and scalable. Is your HR organization designed to support rapid growth? Moving your organization’s goals forward through people management strategies that ensure ■ Every individual throughout the organization is committed and enabled to exceed expectations ■ Every dollar invested in HR returns the maximum value to the bottom line by optimizing all HR processes, expenses and investments ■ HR risks are identified and managed ■ That from a human capital perspective, your company is attractive to customers, investors, potential buyers and shareholders.

HR Strategy, Organization Development, Talent Acquisition

HR assessments identify critical issues and near-term quick wins across all functions within the people management umbrella including + Talent acquisition processes + Performance management and development + Optimization of processes to better support rapid growth.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching accelerates performance improvement and enables executives to lead higher-performing teams.


Leadership communications; core values messaging; recruitment content; retention content; messaging platforms and programs to drive engagement; change management planning and execution; crisis communications; guidance for structuring your organization’s communications department to be fit-for-purpose.

We are built to operate nimbly and with a focus on near-term bottom-line impact. Our Human Capital Management and Corporate Communications expertise helps global organizations eliminate barriers to rapid growth. As a company grows, it becomes limited by its ability to recruit the best talent and strategically motivate employees and leaders while avoiding exposure to costly risks. As an organization evolves, leaders must carry the entire ship forward, clearly and consistently articulating the company strategy and current focus to all employees. Employees must have 24-7 access to information and team collaboration tools that enable them to apply the best of their skills and knowledge. To succeed, leaders must be able to identify which HR and Communications initiatives are a priority. The days of overly-complex multi-year change programs are over. Leaders now have months or weeks to identify and implement new structures and processes in order to return real value to customers, investors and shareholders. We operate with the mindset of an owner, demanding the best in quality, value and speed.
Steve Heckert

Steve Heckert


Steve Heckert is a transformational People Operations executive and consultant with more than 20 years’ corporate experience and a demonstrated track record in supporting and growing global organizations. Steve leverages a supportive, systematic, and results-oriented approach. Areas of Expertise: ■ End-to-end leadership of all global HR / people operations functions, mergers & acquisitions, due diligence to post-close integration ■ Strategic planning to impact future of organization and to align people operations’ priorities with business strategy ■ Streamlining of talent acquisition and onboarding processes ■ Designing compensation structures including sales and executive pay programs ■ Change management including implementation of HRIS software and new technologies, organizational design changes, and culture transformation ■ Leadership coaching and mentoring ■ Conflict management including significant reduction in legal risks based on proactive issue management ■ Succession planning and top-talent identification, retention and development programs ■ Employee experience improvement including surveys, response task forces, mentoring and development programs, and corporate communication programs ■ Steve has a reputation for managing customer relationships around a core value of respect: do what we say we will do; provide direct feedback and counsel; advocate for the organization.

Mary Heckert

Mary Heckert


Mary Heckert, a corporate and internal communications expert with over 15 years of experience, has led complex global corporate communications programs and campaigns. She partners with leadership and with business function leaders and teams to effect results. She focuses on developing content for the given culture, ensuring local audiences in all regions will actively support corporate priorities. Her experience spans the full spectrum of corporate communications demands, from chief officer communications, to intranet and web content development and organization, to corporate video scripting and production management, to change management and crisis communications. She has managed production crews and agencies, consistently advocating for the client’s interests.


What people say about us


“...(Steve) visionary HR executive…approaches problems and opportunities with a structured data-centric approach.”

Global Manager

"Helping technology organizations communicate the value proposition in an understandable and easy to digest format is where Mary excels."

General Manager

“Steve is quite simply the best HR executive I have worked with in my career….understands the strategic role of the human resources function. ...Every aspect of the HR lifecycle has improved dramatically under Steve’s leadership.”

HR Director

“Steve is a force multiplier for any organization seeking to develop the best strategies for a superior employee experience and exceptional results.”

Business Owner

"Mary understands the challenges and requirements of working with and developing programs for a global audience -- customizing for local needs and realities while reinforcing the intended message and driving desired behaviors."


“(Steve) an extraordinary HR executive…unique ability to gather and analyze data resulting in focused HR solutions that address the root cause.”

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